About throwing away the code and starting over

We’re programmers. Programmers are, in their hearts, architects, and the first thing they want to do when they get to a site is to bulldoze the place flat and build something grand. We’re not excited by incremental renovation: tinkering, improving, planting flower beds. There’s a subtle reason that programmers always want to throw away the … 


Quick Tip / Fix – SummerNote Editor resize editor after using ‘reset’

I’ve been using recently the Summernote Editor in a project and at a certain point of time, one action was to load a template (saved rich text) into the editor and remove the old text that might be there. When the editor was initialized the resize of it was working fine, after ‘pasting’ the loaded template inside … 


PHP –  cURL - create a secure connection to APIs

I’ve been recently trying to use the Google+ and Google Drive APIs for a custom tool to manage your files inside a bigger CRM/ERP and storing them inside Google Drive. The web application is build in Laravel and I was using https://github.com/google/google-api-php-client


How to prevent URL double encoding/escaping

In a recent project, I’ve been involved on we hit the problem of the server double encoding the URL. It was an e-commerce website, with a shop made on top of OpenCart, with a search option (a simple input box). When you were typing a two work keyword in there, the server was encoding the … 


MySQL — How to drop multiple tables when foreign keys are preventing that

This is a nice solution I found on StackOverFlow.com when I was looking for a way to remove some tables that had a lot of foreign keys  –  these keys were not allowing me to do the drop easily.