Easy way to download files via terminal through wetransfer.com

If you are having a big file stored on wetransfer.com, let’s say an archive, and you want to copy it on a remote server, you might think of downloading it on you local computer and move it via FTP on the remote server.

But that can take a long time, the alternative is to download the wetransfer.com file directly to your remote server.

All you need is to run this command:

wget --user-agent Mozilla/4.0 '[your big address here]' -O dest_file_name

Don’t forget the quotes.

[your big address here] must be the direct link to the file, not the forwarded HTML page. You can get the big address by starting the download on any machine, then copy the link from your download-manager (eg. Firefox, Chrome)

Here is an example from Chrome on how you can found the actual download URL – right click on the URL starting with download.wetransfer.com and click Copy link address

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