PHP –  cURL - create a secure connection to APIs

I’ve been recently trying to use the Google+ and Google Drive APIs for a custom tool to manage your files inside a bigger CRM/ERP and storing them inside Google Drive. The web application is build in Laravel and I was using

After setting up my app and getting the credentials inside inside the Google Console, when trying to hit the google’s endpoint for auth I got this nice error cURL error 60: SSL certificate problem: unable to get local issuer certificate

After spending a while looking for a solution on the web, found that saving the on your local machine and point your php.ini to it (lookup for curl.cainfo = “[enter path to the file here]\cacert.pem” — by default is commented out, add it if you really can not find it).

What’s very important is to save the files as it is, no alter of content, or copy/paste in a text editor and save it after — that won’t work.

As an alternative, if saving the file from its original location does not work, found the certificate saved in this gist and it works like magic.

Hope this will save your time!

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